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The power of audio feeds in your business means...

Upload your files to instantly create private audio feeds.

Drag and drop your audio and video content and generate a feed in seconds. Easily share with your customers automatically, with one-click access using their favorite podcast app!

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Know what customers are listening to and control their access.

See who activated their feed, track the downloads, and manage their access (just in case someone refunds, stops paying or their access ends at the culmination of an offer). Yup. We thought of that ;)

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Integrate with platforms you use in your business.

With the help of Zapier, Hello Audio can work with your landing page software, shopping carts and any other tools you use in your business! Automatically add listeners without lifting a finger.

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We get your content 
into their ears.

Easily create private audio feeds your customer can listen to anywhere, anytime! Now even your busiest customers can learn the information they need to get the results they want.

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How does Hello Audio work?

Step 1: Set up your feed

Initially you'll upload your cover art, choose your delivery method (instant, scheduled, or drip), and write a description.

Step 2: Upload your files

Because Hello Audio automagically creates audio files from your video files, you don't have to waste any time googling how to strip audio from video (or worry about those shady sites)!

Step 3: Add your listeners

It's time to add your people! Hello Audio allows you to bulk upload your listeners or add them individually by email address. You can also use our Zapier integration to automatically add listeners as they sign up for your content. Hello Audio sends an editable email on your behalf with each individual listener's one-click subscribe page!

Step 4: Manage your listeners

Understand what listeners are active and how many downloads their link has pulled. You can also enable and disable their unique links if they miss payments, request refunds, or need to be removed for any other reason.
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Check out what our happy customers have to say...

"We ran a private audio feed in lieu of our traditional webinar and saw a 507% ROI in our marketing efforts with over $40,000 in revenue from the series."
Emily Hirsh
Hirsh Marketing
Offering a podcast feed for our virtual summit content was a game-changer. Traditionally, we'd offer mp3 downloads, or streaming audio from the member area. But these are cumbersome both to use and to support -- the podcast feed makes it so much easier for them to simply hit play and consume the content."
Anna Saucier
Cycle power summit
"We used our private audio feed as a pay-in-full bonus for our last launch and saw an increase of our pay-in-fulls from 50% to 70% which is amazing!"
Laura Philips
Let's Launch Together
"It’s so much easier to access the training from an app I use all the time and not have to log in to every time I need it. PLUS I love having all the lessons listed out in one long list: it gives me a chance to get a really clear overview of where we’ve been and where we are going. ”
"Now that the program content is available literally ANYWHERE their smartphone can go, it's helped our customers to eliminate all the "I don't have time" excuses!"
Adrienne Dorison
Clockwork Accelerator
"I’ve used it heaps! When there is something that is taking a bit of time to learn or implement, I listen to that lesson on repeat while I walk the dogs. I also use it to make sure I’ve not missed anything, so I’ll sometimes listen to previous lessons to make sure I’m on track. Things get much clearer after that."

If you want to see what all the fuss is about...

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